Sampreet Klair

Hi, I am a curious software developer and a person with lot to learn ahead. I am interested in Frontend, Backend, Data Science and a little bit of Finance, Economics. My aim is to deepen my understanding in various areas of technology and product development.

About Me

My name is Sampreet Klair and I enjoy creating things that live on the internet. I am always willing to learn more and am trying my best to cope up with new technologies.
I started my journey back in 2017, when I decided to represent the Computer Science Department in my annual school exibition, and I started to learn about HTML and CSS. Even though I created a very basic webpage but subsequently my interset in development and programming got even stronger. And now the hobby that I used to practise in my leisure time is much more than just a hobby.
I am an aspiring software developer and currently looking for new opportunities.
Here are a few tools/technologies I can work with:
- JavaScript
- Python
- C++
- React
- NodeJS
- MongoDB


Pin Board (link)
- A virtual public Pin Board where users can create public Pins which will be displayed publically on the homepage of the website.
- Frontend created with EJS, Bootstrap CSS and Backend created with the help of NodeJS, Express.js and MongoDB.

Weather Application (link)
- A real-time application which tells the weather of a city by taking an input.
- Created with the use of HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript, additionally a weather api was used to fetch the data.

Alternate Portfolio Website (link)
- Previous type/Version of this portfolio website.
- Created with the use of HTML and CSS.

Contact Me

Want to get in touch...?

Feel free to message me, my inbox is always open.
I would be happy to further discuss my experiences with you. You can connect with me everywhere @sampreetklair.
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